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Scroll down to see volunteer positions with NAMI GBCAN and list of places to get help with job search or benefits advice.

Jobs with NAMI GB CAN

updated 7/23/2014

Volunteers needed. Peers are welcome to sit in our weekly business/staff meeting every Tuesday at our offices at the Hope Center.
The Hope Center, room P9 opens at 10am for social time, a community meeting from 1030am-11am which is followed by our business/staff meeting from 11am-12:30pm in the Boston Room that you can attend. We are located at 25 Staniford Street, PLAZA level, Boston, a short walk from North Station.

You can also come to our monthly affiliate meeting (see agenda) and talk with Howard, make some connections, and get stated with NAMI. We have many fun activities including the annual Walk fundraiser. Come learn and grow with NAMI GB CAN. It's good work with good people and it's fun!

NAMI Greater Boston Consumer Affiliate / Advocacy Network
Contact us via email at: info@namigbcan.org
Contact us by phone: (617) 626-8694

Thanks for your interest in NAMI Greater Boston CAN.

At Present these are all volunteer positions. Please click on link to bring you to job description page.


Outreach Associate

Public Policy Coordinator

Information Technology


Other Jobs:

Disability Benefit & Employment Resources

Benefits experts familiar with people with disabilities who won't charge:

  • Brian Forsythe works with the federally funded BenePlan Program and can be reached at 508 856 2513.
  • Brian Osborne works for the Department of Mental Health and helps people with job search as well and can be reached at (617) 626-9267.

Good organizations for help with job search:

The Peer Run Metro Boston Recovery Learning Community

The MBRLC Peer Education Resource Center (PERC) is especially helpful.

One Stop Career Centers:

Specialized organizations:

Metro Boston Recovery Learning Community, Peer Education Resource Center http://www.metrobostonrlc.org/perc.html

Jewish Vocational Service (You don't need to be Jewish)

Work, Inc.

Operation Able
(prefers to work with mature workers, 45 plus)

Help with self-employment:

Center for Women and Enterprise (don't have to be female) www.cweonline.org

Veteran's Business Owners (some clasees open ot non-veterans) www.veteranbusinessowners.org

Please see helpful links below:

Disability Benefit & Employment Resources

Gateway to Massachusetts Disability Services:
(Search for Disability Services)

Employment Services from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission:
(Search for Vocational Rehabilitation Services)

Massachusetts Work Incentive and Benefits Counseling Services:
Toll Free: 1-877-YES-WORK (937-9675)


Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities:



Social Security Benefits for People with Disabilities:
Toll Free: 1-800-772-1213
TTY: 1-800-325-0778

Social Security Work Incentives and Other Employment Supports:

SSDI and SSI applications must be made to the Social Security Administration,
either at an area SSA field office, or on-line at:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Poverty Guidelines:
(Select HHS Poverty Guidelines for 2011)

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